Plan for your future together

Grow the conversation

The goal of our conversations is start digging deeper into your future together. All of your goals have a financial component—imagine how many bucket list items you could cross off if you and your partner were in sync financially? You’re at the perfect life point to start fresh together. Dig into where things were, evaluate where things currently stand, and dream about where you could be in five, ten, thirty years.

Fewer financial concerns

I’m definitely not an expert at wedding planning, job stress, or exercising. But I can help you feel more confident and less stressed about your financial situation both now and after you get married.

Have a conversation

Our sessions will not be classes or lectures. My goal is to listen more than I talk. This is about the two of you and what’s important in your lives. You are in control of the decisions!

Advice specific to your life

A benefit to working with a personal coach is that we don’t have to spend time on topics that are irrelevant to you. If you’ve already talked extensively about where you want to live, then we don’t need to cover that. If, on the other hand, you’re trying to figure out how much you can afford and whether renting or buying makes sense…we can dig into it!

How Coaching Works

The primary goal of our conversations will be to help you understand each other better, and to build a plan to take you into your joint future. A few of the things we’ll discuss are…

  • Bank accounts – Some couples throw everything into joint bank accounts; others think that’s insane and prefer to keep things completely separate. And others have some joint accounts and some separate accounts.
  • Retirement – Have you discussed when you want to retire and what you want retirement to look like—and subsequently how much you need? Do you have the right financial professionals on your team to help you build an investment strategy (spoiler alert: I don’t do investment advice. But I CAN give you recs on how to find someone good and not salesy/sleazy!)
  • Goals – What are your individual and combined goals for the next few years? Career, family, location, travel etc. How can your money support those goals?
  • And of course…everyone’s (least) favorite… Budget – No, not the nasty, “no avocado toast and coffee for you!” kind of budget. The “Oh, you want to spend $8/day on coffee? Ok! If that’s the priority, let’s fit it in.” kind of budget. The kind of budget where you get to go on vacation, and get to have hobbies, pay off student loans, save for retirement, and feel like you’re splurging on Christmas…all without feeling guilty. 
  • ??? – Have a topic of your own that you’d really like to discuss? Bring it up! That’s what I’m here for.
We’ll have conversational meetings from the comfort of our own homes. Sweats and adult beverages are completely acceptable, as are pet or child interruptions. 


Initial meeting: Free
Our initial meeting is free and lasts 15-30 minutes. We’ll chat about what you’re looking for, what I provide, and if we’d be a good fit.

Premarital Financial Coaching (7 sessions): $1400
(payable in full or monthly)
2 meetings per month for 3 months, then 1 follow-up meeting 

  • Set short- and long-term goals for your life together
  • Clarify how the two of you are going to manage money together
  • Set up your MoneyCoach account
  • Build healthy money communication habits