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During our first, free meeting, we’ll talk about what you’re hoping to get out of coaching and what the process looks like! We’ll also make sure our personalities are a good fit because let’s be honest—not everyone meshes well! There’s a reason you’re marrying YOUR fiancé and not your friend’s.

What could your life together be like in 20 years if you start with a solid financial foundation?

What happens after you schedule?

Congratulations!!! You took a deep breath and clicked that button to schedule a call. Hooray! Acuity (my calendar host) will send you a magical email with a Zoom link and a link to a Google form with a super short, two minute questionnaire. If I happen to have any follow-up questions, I’ll reach out. Otherwise, you’ll get a reminder email 24 hours before our meeting and we’ll chat then! 

During that chat, we’ll discuss what you’re looking for and how (or if!) I can help. I don’t expect couples to make a decision right away at the end of the call; you’ll probably want to take some time to discuss together and possibly with your premarital counselor, if you have one.  After our meeting, I’ll send you a quick follow-up email that day with some questions designed to help you decide whether this is the right step for you or not.

I also use the FCN financial coaching process, which provides a proven framework for helping clients achieve their goals and which I have then customized to meet the unique needs of my exact clients.